essential oils for chakra

5 Essential Oils for Chakras Between $12-$35 Dollars

essential oils for chakras

Essential oils are used for aromatherapy and for supporting chakras. How are they useful for you? Read on this article to learn more about the Essential Oils for Chakras

The word “Chakra” is rooted in Sanskrit that means “wheel” or “disk.” Chakras correlate to specific psychological and emotional functions to support and maintain energy in the whole body. 

Hundreds of energy (chakra) centers are located throughout the body. However, seven main chakras are the more critical. These important chakras run vertically from the base to the top along the spine throughout the skull.

The majority turn to aromatherapy to balance their main chakras. Also, they use essential oils to move their body smoothly while performing chakras.

Why are Essential oils necessary for chakras?

Essential oils for Chakras

Essential oils are used for aromatherapy and used for supporting chakras. Chakras are wellness energy centers that relate our minds to focus on specific energy. For keeping chakras, using essential oils is straightforward.

Energy healing proponents recommend that you should keep your chakras open and smooth. Otherwise, they will block you emotionally and physically. Essential oils help collect energies from chakras and pull them towards your personal growth.

Some believers believe that essential oils balance chakras perfectly as specific oils affect each chakra differently. In my opinion, these oils reformat old patterns in our chakras and add positive energies to our personalities. 

How do we select the Best Essential oils for Chakras for you?

Essential oils for Chakras

We review each essential oil with an average rating of four stars minimally. While collecting the best products, we deeply go through countless customer reviews and expert sources. Then we select a range of affordable and trustworthy outcomes for all types of chakras.

Disclosure: Some of our articles contain affiliate links (as an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases).

ASAKUKI Essential Oils Top 6 Gift Set

The Asakuki essential oils come from natural plant extracts. These extracts are safe and effective on your skin and hair. Tea tree extracts prevent hair falling and lice. Also, they keep nail fungus away. It also helps in the healing of sore muscles. 

Lemongrass is present in Asakuki essential oils that relieve sore, aching muscles and joint pain. In addition, it helps balance your mental and physical health. When we talk about Eucalyptus, it relaxes your respiratory system. Make your breath fresh and improve your sleep. Peppermint plays an integral part in stimulating concentration and relieving tiredness.


  • A list of combinations benefits your health and mood.
  • Great smells make your day.
  • An instruction card makes the use easy.


  • The smell is not long-lasting.
  • Jars are tiny, and oil pours out.

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PURA D’OR Perfect 10 Essential Oil 

Calm your mind. Natural extracts in Pura D’or essential oil relieve your tensions and boost your mental health. After a stressful long day when you want to enjoy nature, these therapists’ essential oils initiate a restful sleep and calm your mind. Plus, improve blood circulation, and stick you to the focal point.  

Our everyday routine causes stressful emotions that affect our mental and physical health. Pick an oil from this ten oil set in those stressful moments and massage your body for well-being. The set of 10 bottles is long-lasting and season-friendly. 


  • The set consists of solid scents.
  • Recommended combination for an hour of relaxation.
  • Organic smells make your room environment so lovely.


  • Packaging is not strong enough.
  • Unsealed bottles leak during shipping.

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7 Chakra Essential Oil Blend Roll-On Set by Aromafume

The Aromafume team works with natural aromatic materials to heal your health concerns. These essential oils with zero harmful chemicals retain the natural goodness of manufacturing. Common health issues include stress, anxiety, inflammation, coughing, headache, sleeping problems, muscle pain, and cold. Fortunately, Aromafume essential oils solve these issues. An impactful formula is here to calm your anxieties and make you relax.

Usage of specific crystals in a chakra produces frequencies to promote your well-being. Oil essentials also delight your senses. Aromafume is known for its veganism and ethical ways to collect material to produce cruelty-free products.


  • Attractive boxes.
  • They are packed with roller inserts.
  • Less amount long lasts for months.


  • Scents have perfume-like quality.
  • The smell sticks to the body and clothes.

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Chakra Complete Pre-diluted Roll-On Set

An exclusive chakra pre-diluted set of Pure essential oil blend and coconut oil is designed to align with all seven chakras. The location is excellent for prayer, yoga, massage, and meditation. 

After the tiring day, you have to take the set and open a fragrance of your choice. Then apply your favorite chakra roll ones to your pressure points to manage imbalances. This will relax your soul and retrieve your worries from your heart and mind. 

Amber glass bottle roll-on is specially made for excellent maintenance of aroma. These oils have not been used undiluted. That’s why these are ingested. However, we do not recommend you cure your diseases with these aroma essential oils.


  • Small and well-organized bag.
  • The bag has room for more materials.
  • Oils relax you when you are stressed.


  • Roll is indispensable.
  • It is a little bit hard to unpack.

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NOW Essential Oils take A Zen Ten Roll-On

Take a Zen ten essential oil that makes you relax and calm with floral and citrus aroma. In addition, this is more useful to your joints and tendons. For instance, you can apply to the back of the neck, soles of feet, pulse points, or waist when you need to relax while working, playing, or taking a rest.

Apply these essential oils whenever you need them in a day. This will throw away all your anxieties and depression. Thus you will feel moments of happiness while using it.

Aching muscles, joint pain, and sore throat make you dull and sick. No worries! Take some drops of Zen ten essential oils and relief yourself. Moreover, the oils will help you to maintain your physio-psychology. Also, strengthen your respiratory system.


  • Perfect for migraine.
  • Soothing for eyes.
  • Sweet smell refreshes the soul.


  • It is not long-lasting.
  • Essence has a weak smell.

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