All About The Best Salt Water Hot Tubs – Pro, Cons + What Product to Choose

salt water hot tubs

Are you looking for the best salt water hot tub to nourish your mind and improve your health? Check out our selection of the best salt water hot tubs of 2024

When it comes to having mental or physical relaxation and enjoying some quality moments with family, a hot tub has to be the go-to option. Besides how recreational these hot tubs are, hygiene should also be a concern. En route to have the best hot tub for your family, you will get two options (saltwater and chlorine hot tubs). The debate over these two tubs is never-ending. What do you think; saltwater hot tubs are better than chlorine?

Even the salt water hot pools have chlorine count despite not being the kind. A less chlorine count prevents skin allergies, respiratory issues, and stomach illness. Yet, the saltwater hot tub needs maintenance. Shelving the cleaning can result in viruses and bacteria formation.

Pros of Saltwater Hot TubCons of Saltwater Hot Tub
No unpleasant odor
Gentle n the skin and eyes
The increased buffering capacity of water Cheaper maintenance
Increased water buoyancy
Costly High risks of corrosion
Cell replacement is also costly
More prone to bacteria and viruses (when not maintained properly)
Water has to be above 60℉

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Best Saltwater Hot Tubs 2024

salt water hot tubs

Let us save your time by finding the best saltwater hot tubs here and there! Here, dive and get the best options. After checking the quality, features, and massaging options, we have listed the best options.

1. Caldera Spa Vanto 7-Persons Hot Tub

Vanto Spa hot tub by Caldera is spacious enough to engulf 7-adults in its embrace. The hydromassage jets soothe sore muscles for a sigh of relaxation. The active water filter keeps the bacteria and viruses away, with no compromise on hygiene and safety. The multi-ten-point LED lights give a relaxing sensation to the body the moment you dip your body in the water. Heater output is 4,000 watts with a solid-state electronic control system. At once, the Caldera spa saltwater hot tub can consume 1,420 liters of water. The overall dimension is 7’ x 7’ x 36” with 847 pounds dry weight.


  • LED lights
  • Active filtration
  • Up to 7-persons capacity


  • No child seat

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2. Bullfrog Spas A8D 6-Persons Hot Tub

No pool party is complete without diving in this spa hot tub by Bullfrog. This top-line saltwater hot tub is the picture-perfect match to have quality time with your friends.

The room has a capacity of 6 persons. A8D by Bullfrog is a portable model. A total of 5 JetPaks are present to deliver the best massage experience. The ergonomic design offers ultimate comfort, all you need after a long tiring day.

The interior dimming LED light soothes the mind. Setting water temperature, filtration, jet mode, and lighting mode has never been that easy. All thanks to the premium innovative control system.


  • Premium control system
  • 5 JetPaks
  • Interior dimming LED light


  • Not a portable option

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3. Nordic Sports Spa 5-Persons Hot Tub

Do your joints ache after a hectic day? Ease your pain and loosen the tightened muscles with the Nordic sports 5-persons spa saltwater hot tub. This spa hot tub is specially designed to match the rough lives of athletes. The 14 JetPaks deliver a gentle massage right on the pressure points. The solid control panel makes adjusting the water temperature and massaging moods effortlessly. Front wall LED lighting mood is the cherry on the top to boost the overall looks of the Nordic sports spa 5-person hot tub. Besides that, the draining system is also present with two air controllers. 


  • Air controllers
  • In-built draining system
  • Perfect for athletes


  • Poor lighting mood

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4. Bullfrog Spas R5L 3-Persons Hot Tub

Time to get cozy! R5L is the idyllic option for singles or couples with a baby. Whether you place the hot tub indoor or outdoor, the experience will be worth buying. The bio-engineered ergonomic design is perfect to sink your body and lose tight muscles. The JetPak Therapy system has 16 massagers. These massagers focus on the pressure points to soothe the sore points.

For efficient performance and better experience, the plumbing technology reduces 90% of the joints in piping. R5L also features a WellSpring water care system to ensure 100% water filtration and circulation. Also, you can connect the hot tub with a Bluetooth device for live audio. Isn’t it amazing?


  • WellSpring water care system
  • 100% water filtration 
  • JetPak Therapy system


  • No seat for child

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5. Nordic Bella Spa Vanto 2-Persons Hot Tub

Get snuggly with your partner and enjoy each other’s embrace in this 2-persons spa hot tub by Nordic Bella. The ergonomic design with an efficient jet controller offers the same experience you relish at spas. The massaging technology this Bella Vanto saltwater hot tub offers is the whirlpool. This technology works gently on the pressure points to squeeze out the muscles’ soreness and tension. The active water system filters the water efficiently; prevents bacteria and viruses from forming. Even cleaning the hot tub is not a hustle. Use the draining system to empty the tub, and wipe clean it using a cleaning solution.


  • Whirlpool massaging technology
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Jet controllers


  • Poor draining system

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Things to Consider To Choose the Best Salt Water Hot Tub

salt water hot tubs

The ride of having the best saltwater hot tub has never been that easy. You finalize a tub after deeming the capacity, massaging features, and other modes. Here are the basic things not to neglect.


Let us start with the basic one. You should know how many people will be using the hot tub. 5 or maybe 6 at once. Depending on the figure, determine the required capacity.

Massaging jets

A saltwater hot tub without massaging jets is like a cake without sweetness. Consider having different massaging jets to relish the double-up fun. The least to have massaging modes are five.

Filtration efficiency

Without efficient filtration, you might damage your hot tub within a few months of use. Ensure the filtration mode is efficient to prevent corrosion formation. The circulation power should also be potent.

Lighting mode

Although lighting doesn’t have anything to do with the performance, it adds a sprinkle of calmness. The interior should have a dimming lighting mode to smooth the mind.

Summing Up!

Improve your health and skin condition by having a deep massage session in the best saltwater hot tub. Even better to call over your friends and have a chit-chat session along. 

All it requires is maintenance and proper care. Delaying the cleaning and maintenance routine is not safe and hygienic. Lastly, while having the best saltwater hot tub, ensure to sneak peek at the considering factors.

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