Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The 6 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Full Body

Best Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

If you can’t get a massage or a beauty treatment, bring them to you. And there is no better option than a full body zero gravity massage chair. Here the Best Models of 2022.

With a global pandemic taking over your routine and your work, wellness has never been more important. As the SPAs close and the stress reaches the sanctuary of your house, you need to find time to unwind. 

If you can’t get a massage or a beauty treatment, bring them to you. And there is no better option than a full body zero gravity massage chair. Sounds alien? That’s because NASA created it. It’s innovative, functional, and a guarantee of peace. 

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs, Explained

Best Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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The benefits of zero gravity position became clear in space. It means creating a posture in which the joint angles and the body limbs had a natural position.

It’s a neutral position in which the legs recline above the hearth level. This ensures the even distribution of weight and pressure along the body. So, it’s alleviating. 

On these chairs, you feel stress-free and full of energy. It’s a way to minimize the effects of gravity on your body, like strain on the vertebrae and back pain.

Zero gravity chairs help reduce mental pain and any disease caused by anxieties -or the pandemic. 

With the added bonus of the massage option, your piece of mind is granted. 

As the name suggests, these chairs feature the massage functions. They are an effective and fun addition to your house. You will feel at the SPA, only you can now binge watch Netflix or grab a cup of your favorite cocktail. 

Your choice depends on your budget and on the features you want with your chairs. Here are the top six choices for full body zero gravity massage chairs. 

The Best Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

The Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 

With Yoga & Heating Therapy

The smart technology of this chair scans your body size to perfectly adapt to you -and you only. The Kahuna features six massage programs and one of them is the exclusive yoga stretching. This program includes dual foot rollers and full body stretching. 

The air massage system takes care of your shoulders, arms, waist, and hips. While you can choose among three different zero gravity positions.

For an extra touch of pampering, try the heating therapy, which targets the lower back and legs. 


  • Chair dimension: 173x85x92 cm
  • Net weight: 113 kg
  • Reviews: almost a full five-star rating for this chair, thanks to its yoga and automatic features

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The Home Electric Smart Luxury Body Capsule air

Made by BQC, this full body zero gravity massage chair is stylish and cozy. One of the most beloved functions is the music one, which allows you to pair your massage with a relaxing melody.

It massages your neck, waist, hips, legs, back, feet, and head. You can choose among programs such as stretching, shiatsu, and sniper. 

These are not even the best details. In fact, this BQC chair comes in two stylish colors: brown and orange. Try the home 3D massage to feel like a royal in your own house -pardon, castle. 


  • Chair dimensions: 284x19x55cm
  • Net weight: 75 kg
  • Reviews: while there aren’t any reviews on Amazon yet, other online feedback suggests that this chair is both comfortable and fashionable. 

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The Favolcano Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Recliner

This chair comes with Bluetooth, so you can listen to your favorite music or shows. It also includes foot roller massage and lower back heating.

It features six automatic massage options and even a manual one. This allows you to adjust both heat and speed. It promotes blood circulation and it relieves any tensions in your body. 

At the back of the chair, there are eight fixed rollers, which target the areas of maximum stress and pain. Thanks to the wheels, you can easily move the chair anywhere you like. Made of synthetic leather, the Favolcano option is trendy and gentle on the skin. 


  • Chair dimensions: it comes in three sizes, perfect to fit any room. From the small to the large. 
  • Net weight: once again, it varies based on the size. 
  • Reviews: another 4.5 star product. People especially love the value for money aspect. 

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The BestMassage Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair 

This chair features three automatic massage programs including stretching programs and foot rollers. Thanks to its 35 air bags, it targets your arms, hips, shoulder, thighs, calves, and feet.

One of the best features is the heat therapy, perfect for your joints and to increase blood circulation. 

The remote controller is easy to use and it allows to change speed and the direction of the chair, to move it upwards or downwards.

Thanks to the back wheels, you can also move the chair anywhere you like. What’s better than relaxing in your terrace?


  • Dimensions and net weight not available. 
  • Reviews: 4.5 stars for this BestMassage. Reviewers rave about its easiness of assembly and use. 

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The SMAGREHO Store Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

This full body zero gravity massage chair is ergonomic, perfect for people who suffer from joint pain and who need relief.

The zero gravity design allows you to fully recline, reaching a position in which your feet are higher than your heart. This way, you will reduce the load on your body. 

It features six automatic programs, eight fixed rollers, and airbags in strategic positions, like shoulders, arms, and legs. Thanks to the Bluetooth Audio play, you can enjoy your favorite music while relaxing. 


  • Dimensions: 64x92x24 cm
  • Net weight: 74 kg
  • Reviews: this chair gains 4.4 stars thanks to the Bluetooth option. 

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The 3D Zero Gravity by BQC

The massage system of this electric massage sofa features techniques such as hot compress, vibration, magnetic, and air pressure.

Thanks to the 31 airbags, it reaches your whole body, from the feet to the head. The options include stretching, shiatsu, and kneading.

It has a multi-point massage method, ideal to relieve pain anywhere you need. 

Plus, it comes in four stylish colors, making it a great complement of design too. You can choose among brown, local gold, red, and white. 


  • Dimensions: 125x80x125 cm
  • Net weight: 75 kg
  • Reviews: while there are no official reviews on Amazon yet, the brand BQC offers top-quality products at enviable prices. 

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Full body zero gravity massage chairs are efficient and ideal to relax. They are investments that you won’t regret. And they will look great when we’ll be able to have guests over again. 

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