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6 Best Oils for Dark Circles – Our Favourite Oils to Fight Dark Circles That Really Work

Oils cure dark circles impressively: they also leave a soothing sensation after use. Our post helps you in picking the best oils for dark circles.

Did you wake up this morning looking like a panda? Well, that is relatable as dark circles are a common problem. The majority of folks around you have them, but what is the best oil for dark circles?

Oils are the best remedy to cure dark circles. Generally, medications are available for the condition, but why prefer artificial ways instead of natural ones? There are dozens of oils you can use for fixing the pigmentation under your lower eyelids.

Below is an excerpt that lists the best oils that work wonders for dark circles. Since natural ingredients take time to fix things, you must begin already. Let’s get into it.

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Ethereal-Nature Clove Oil – Best Oil for Dark Circles

Clove oil owns a special place when it comes to treating skin woes. One such woe this article addresses is dark circles.

Its antiseptic and antibacterial properties help brighten the dark eye’s dark skin. Phosphorus, sodium, iron, and calcium mixed with compounds of Vitamin A make it an elixir for recovering the fragmentary skin under the eyes.

Ethereal Nature clove oil has won the hearts of many users. The effects will be visible after some time. The anti-inflammatory properties help improve blood circulation and rejuvenate skin, reducing dark circles.


  • Good antiviral properties
  • Helps with toothache also
  • Warm soothing aroma


  • Prolonged use causes irritation

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Castor Oil – The Best Castor Oil for Dark Circles

Castor oil is another best solution for your dark circle problem. Sky Organics castor oil is the best pick. The oil is extracted from castor beans and contains loads of fatty acids. These acids have moisturizing and antimicrobial properties.

Moreover, its anti-inflammatory properties make it a stellar cure for dark circles. Cold-pressed and without any artificial ingredients, the castor oil from Sky Organics is considerable.

However, things take a different turn with sensitive skins. Experts recommend a patch test for sensitive skin users before the application under the eyes. You can read our in depth article about the benefits of castor oil for hair here.


  • Omega 9 anti-swelling properties
  • Moisturizing
  • Suitable for treating fungal infections
  • Prevents muscle pain


  • A bit sticky

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Majestic Pure Lavender Oil- Best Oil for Under Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are due to a lack of blood circulation. However, there are some other reasons as well. But improving blood circulation solves a better part.

Lavender oil has a reputation for its soothing aroma. Additionally, it has chemical properties to improve blood circulation ultimately, fixing the dark moons under your eyes.

Majestic Pure doubles the goodness of oil with its premium services. Moreover, due to its relaxing properties, experts use it in aromatherapy.


  • Relaxing properties
  • Antibacterial properties to help lighten dark circles
  • Helps cure insomnia
  • Reduces hair loss


  • Allegoric reactions are possible to sensitive skins

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Palma Rosa Oil – The Best Vitamin E Oil For Dark Circles

The next gem of a skincare product is Palma Rosa from Plant Guru. Without any synthetic ingredients, it comes in a compact bottle.

It has potent disinfecting properties which help treat dark circles. Moreover, it also has relaxing properties and is hence used in aromatherapy.

It penetrates in skins and rebuilds epidemics. Also, it preserves skin smoothness and moisture. Furthermore, its sunny warm scent is also stress-relieving.


  • Best price
  • Zero artificial ingredients
  • Dropper
  • Leak-proof bottle


  • Allergic reactions are recorded in some individuals.

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Peppermint oil – Best Oil With Antibacterial Properties

Peppermint oil is an extract taken from the peppermint plant. For centuries it cures digestive systems and skin conditions. The one from Ethereal Nature provides the premium qualities, and its reinvigorating scent works wonders for anxiety conditions as well.

Moreover, it also works as an animal and insect deterrent. It also helps in relieving pain and relaxes muscles. The antibacterial properties help regain the under-eye skin texture making it brilliant again.

However, a direct application may trigger an allergic reaction. Hence it is safe to use it in a carrier oil. Or dilute it using coconut oil.


  • Regenerates the damaged under-eye skin
  • Also, works as a hair growing serum
  • Best for nail fungal issues
  • Germ killer and itch reducer


  • Dilution is necessary

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Sweet Almond Oil – Best Almond Oil For Dark Circles

Sweet almond oil is another noted skincare product for reducing dark circles. It contains higher proportions of Vitamin E, magnesium, and copper. The radical germ-fighting nature helps to battle germs and reduce swelling.

Moreover, it also reduces puffiness under the eyes. Its regular application boosts immunity and improves memory as well. Dark circles also lead to damaged skin tone and complexion. Luckily, you have a cure in a product from Therapeutic-Naturals.

The combined properties of nature’s gems and the manufacturer make it a tonic for improving your skin. Other than that, it also comes at a fantastic price.


  • Skin moisturizer
  • Prevents sun damage
  • Improves collagen
  • Chapped skin improver


  • Not suitable for nut-allergic skins

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Our Best Pick

Now it is time to pick a winner for the best oil for dark circles. Lavender oil has earned our support. It has a soothing smell along with antibacterial abilities which cure dark circles.

Moreover, the one from Majestic pure offers all the noted properties in a premium bottle. Other than that, it is perfect for treating hair loss and for aromatherapy.

Buying Guide for the Best Oil for Dark Circles

Buying skincare products is no child’s play. A single wrong decision results in allergy or fragmentary skin. The same goes for oils.

No doubt, natural oils are a transcendent medium for treating several health conditions, but their facial use needs double-checking.

Although, there is no hard and fast rule for picking an oil for under eyes. But some things are crucial to consider.

The Type of Oil

Buying a random oil is not a good practice, especially when you are buying the best oil for dark circles. Dark circles form under the eyes, where is the skin is the most sensitive.

If you feel itching or burning, stop the use immediately. The best practice is to consult a specialist when you are buying oils for under-eye use.

The Brand

Buying from a trusted brand is crucial, else it may cause more damage than recovery. Always read the user reviews and suggestions before buying. Make sure you stick to the brands known for their originality.

The Patch Test

Before applying the oil to your dark circles, try it on the back of your hand. It ensures that the oil suits you and won’t damage the skin. In case of redness or itch, dispose of the use.

Sensitive skins must never skip the patch test. Direct application on sensitive skin under the eyes leads to infections as well.

Moreover, if the smell of oil disturbs or waters your eyes, then that is not the best oil for dark circles in your case.


The bottom line is that oils are a natural and easy way to cure dark circles. The application requires only a few drops and massage. No doubt, medications are quick in action, but not everyone likes gulping down medicines when natural ways are there.

But even natural cures need care before selection. Sensitive skins are vulnerable to oils as well. Hence consulting your specialist is a must before any action.

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