best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth

Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth (5 top picks)

Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Are you looking for an Ayurvedic Hair Oil for your dry, damaged hair? Take a look at the Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth

If you want to flaunt a wedding in gorgeous outfits and long healthy hair, you might be thinking of trying the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth. Ayurvedic oils are great for promoting hair growth if used regularly.

No oil is as beneficial as Ayurvedic hair oil when it comes to hair growth. There’s no denying that Ayurvedic hair oils are far better than the chemical variants available in the market that can show drastic side effects.

But today there are thousands of different options available, so how do you choose one? Well, don’t worry because after doing a lot of research, we have successfully found out the best of the Best Ayurvedic Hair Oils. 

Let’s take a look at the 5 best Ayurvedic oils for hair growth.

What to Look for in Ayurvedic Hair Oils Designed for Hair Growth?

Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth

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Ayurveda has been used for healthy skin, nails, body, and hair for centuries. If you also want to have long, luxurious locks, you should try all-natural products. Ayurvedic hair oils are the best choice for strengthening the hair and growing them out. However, it’s best to consider a few other things before buying them.


Before choosing an ayurvedic oil for hair growth, make sure that it is recommended for that purpose. While some ingredients are pretty versatile and work great for a ton of hair problems, others are better suited to a specific issue only.

Hair concern

Different ayurvedic oils are designed for a specific hair problem. Some oils are excellent for growing long hair, while others target other hair concerns such as preventing dandruff, hair fall, hair loss, etc. So, before buying a hair oil, it’s best to consider whether your hair concern matches the targeted hair concern or not.

Hair type

The next important thing to be mindful of is your hair type. Ayurvedic oils don’t act the same on all types of hair. An ayurvedic oil designed for damaged hair might make an oily scalp even oilier. That’s why you should buy oil that matches well with your hair type.


Ayurvedic hair oils are mostly a bit more expensive than the regular synthetic options. But there are a few options that are cheaper and work effectively too. So you can effortlessly get an excellent ayurvedic hair oil for growing hair while also not breaking the bank.

What are the Best Ayurvedic Hair Oils?

Now that you know what elements to remember before buying an ayurvedic oil, let’s look at the five best ayurvedic hair oils for hair growth.

Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Oil

Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Making it to the top of the list is none other than this excellent hair oil by the Kama. This Ayurveda Bringadi oil treatment promotes long hair. This one-stop treatment contains ingredients such as licorice, amla, bhringraj, sesame seeds, and balloon vine, which help you grow beautiful, healthy hair. You can use this product on its own or mix it with another oil for added benefits. Take a little bit of this oil and gently work through the roots and lengths of your hair.


  • It prevents premature greying and hair fall.
  • The Kama ayurvedic oil conditions the dull, damaged hair.
  • Strengthen the hair and prevent further damage.
  • It helps you get rid of dandruff and keeps your scalp moisturized
  • This oil has a pleasant earthy smell.

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Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil

Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth

This hair oil is ideal for people dealing with dandruff and hair loss. The comb-like applicator ensures that the product is applied well to the scalp. It is loaded with ingredients such as amla. shikakai, Tulsi, neem, bhringaraj raj, etc. These potent ingredients help your hair grow faster and ensure that the grown hair is healthy and nutritional. To get the most out of this oil, it is recommended to apply it straight to your scalp and hair. However, if you prefer putting it on your hands and then using it on your scalp, you can do this too.


  • Significantly reduces hair fall.
  • It helps you avoid premature greying.
  • Deeply nourishes the hair to ensure long and healthy hair.
  • Improves blood circulation to the scalp and helps the fallen hair grow back.
  • It helps the hair restore its shine.

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Himani Navratna Oil with 9 Natural Ayurvedic Herbs

Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Navratna is one of the most famous brands due to the efficacy of its oils and other products. The Navratna hair oil works wonders for nourishing and strengthening the hair. It also provides instant relief from headaches and ensures a peaceful night’s sleep. The amla, thyme, sesame, and rosemary oil present in it, rejuvenates the growing hair and also helps you relieve mental and physical stress. Take a few drops of this oil on your palms, apply it to your scalp and hair, and gently massage for a few minutes.


  • It alleviates physical and mental stress.
  • This oil provides fast relief from headaches.
  • Great for overall hair health.
  • It takes care of hair fall and alopecia.
  • Effectively increase the speed at which hair is growing.

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WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Hair

Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth

WOW skin science has really outdone itself with this potent oil. If you are dealing with hair loss, greying of hair, and dull, lifeless hair, you are going to love this product. This powerful blend helps you grow long, healthy hair while also ensuring you don’t have to deal with fizziness, dullness, hair fall, etc. It is packed with powerful ingredients such as onion water, black seed oil, almond oil, jojoba extract, etc. It’s an easy-to-use formula, and a little goes a long way. Take out 2 tablespoons of oil and massage it into your scalp and hair.


  • This oil brings life back into dry, dull, and frizzy hair.
  • It protects your hair from the harmful radiations coming from the Sun.
  • It also promotes soft, silky, and smooth hair.
  • The WOW Skin science oil helps you heal damaged hair.
  • It targets the areas with hair loss and improves circulation to aid hair growth.

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Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil

Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Last but not least, we have another Amazon’s Choice ayurvedic hair oil for you. This ayurvedic hair oil promises hair growth with a relatively short and simple but effective list of ingredients. Amla and Brahmi, when used in combination, are known to improve circulation, help you grow longer hair, and allow the fallen hair to grow back. It also works wonders to help you retain the hair’s natural color. To use this oil, take a sufficient amount of oil onto your palms and apply it all over your hair and scalp.


  • It has a non-sticky, non-greasy formula that quickly absorbs into the scalp.
  • Regulates the blood flow to the scalp and helps the fallen hair grow back.
  • It retains the natural color of the hair.
  • Strengthen the hair from root to tip.
  • It freshens the mind and rids you of stress.

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Final Verdict

So you have the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth; make sure to grow your hair as long as you can. While opting for the best oil for hair growth, ensure to check out the list of essential elements.

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