castor oil hair growth recipe

Castor Oil Hair Mask for Regrow and Repair – Our Recipe

castor oil hair growth recipe

Castor Oil for Hair, What It Is, How To Use It, What Are Its Benefits + Our Recipe for a Hair Mask with Castor Oil, Almond Oil and Essential Oil

Castor oil is a pressed vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant.

Castor oil is well known and appreciated as a valid natural product, rich in benefits for the body. Used in many industries as a lubricant, it has found fame in the cosmetic industry, particularly for improving the health of your hair.

Thanks to its properties, many women have chosen it as a natural alternative for hair well-being to chemical-based procedures.

Castor Oil Hair Mask, Benefits and How to Use It

castor oil hair growth recipe

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By acting directly on the hair bulb with an extraordinary moisturizing and strengthening effect, castor oil strengthens the hair significantly reducing its fall and helping the regrowth.

Professionals in the beauty sector suggest using it also on eyebrows, in order to facilitate their growth before modeling their shape.

As for use on hair, keep in mind that this product initially tends to make it darker. But you absolutely must not be alarmed because it is a temporary condition.

This oil can be found without any difficulty in special commercial establishments such as, for example, herbalists or in the main online shops.

The important thing is to use the castor oil regularly both on dry and wet hair, in such a way as to tame frizzy hair and treat dry and damaged hair and to avoid development of split ends. It is also very suitable for those with dandruff problems.

Other positive properties of castor oil concern skin problems such as inflammation or fungal diseases. But the nourishing function obtained by using this oil on the hair is certainly the most important.

If it is the first time you buy it and therefore you are not familiar with the way of using it, below you will find all the indications to be able to use it in the best way .

Once you have applied it along the entire hair, you will have to leave it on for at least thirty minutes.

By taking advantage of the heat coming from the hair dryer, you can get a better result when drying the hair.

If you are not fond of hair masks you can use castor oil in the same way as a classic conditioner, just pour a few drops on wet hair, before starting to dry it.

To use castor oil in the most appropriate way on the hair, it is essential to scrupulously practice all the advice indicated.

First of all, patience, you have to wait at least a few weeks before noticing the first results on your hair.

Castor oil, being very thick, can be diluted and mixed with another type of oil, such as almond oil.

Castor Oil and Almond Oil Hair Mask

Castor Oil Hair Mask



Pour both oils into a bowl and mix carefully until a homogeneous mixture is created. Then it will have to be heated in a saucepan in a bain-marie for a few minutes.

You can pour the liquid into a jar, to be able to take it comfortably with your fingers. This kind of mask is also very effective on hair that tends to grease.

Make a light massage on the skin for a few minutes before starting to put the mixture on the hair. The distribution must be carried out along the entire hair, from the roots to the ends.

Then you will have to collect your hair inside a cap and wrap your head with a warm towel to enhance the effect.

The application time ranges from a minimum of half an hour up to a maximum of 3 hours.

Finally, rinse your hair very carefully and then wash it as usual.

Positive results won’t come right away, so it’s recommended to repeat the process once a week for a month.

Final Considerations

Castor Oil Hair Mask recipe

With this product you will be able to nourish your hair considerably and in depth.
In general it is a valid ally for all those who want pleasantly improved, healthy and fortified hair.

Surely with this product you will find the desired help, remaining completely satisfied with the success of this marvelous oil.

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