hot tub brands to avoid

4 Hot Tub Brands To Avoid + The Best Hot Tub Brands in 2022

Are you confused about the many hot tub brands and want to invest in the best hot tub? Our guide is just what you need!

hot tub brands to avoid

Too many brands? Do you want to invest in the most reliable hot tubs? Our definitive guide will tell you what hot tub brands to avoid + the best hot tub brands in 2022!

Who needs a hot tub? If you’re sick, stressed out, or in workout mode, therapy, relaxation, or exercise in a hot tub will do wonders for you.

On the other hand, people who are confused about the many hot tub brands want to invest in the best hot tub. In that case, our definitive guide to avoiding the worst hot tub is just what you need. Please continue reading.

These six criteria account for what makes hot tub brands to avoid in 2022. Make sure before you buy a hot tub you find out all these things in the hot tub brand.

If somehow these things are absent in some hot tub brands then eventually those become the worst hot tub brands. 

Service agreement 

hot tub brands to avoid

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When you purchase a hot tub, make sure the brand will give you a lifetime or a limited-time service agreement. A good service agreement should contain that you will receive free support and maintenance for a lifetime or a limited time after the sale.

Nobody wants to invest thousands of dollars in hot tubs only to go and hire a handyman who knows nothing about a hot tub.

Customer feedback

Before you make a purchase, you should take a look at existing customer feedback or reviews of the brand. If existing customers are happy with the brand’s hot tub, you should go with the brand. If customers are unhappy with the brand, on the other hand, don’t purchase that brand.

To find the feedbacks and reviews, you can visit Amazon and search for your brand’s hot tub and go into the review section.

Energy-efficient technology

Less energy consumption will benefit you in two ways: first financially and second from an environmental perspective.

In our recommendation, you should buy a hot tub that features energy efficiency along with a host of other fine technologies.


Before you purchase a hot tub, check the product’s warranty, find what the warranty entails, and figure out what parts of the machine the warranty covers.

Because the shell and frame of a hot tub are most susceptible to damage,we advise you to purchase a hot tub that has a warranty of at least five years on the shell or frame.

Constant faulting

From customer feedback, if you find that people constantly repair or maintain a hot tub, then clearly that’s a bad sign. So steer clear of such hot tub.

A quality hot tub will at least last you ten to twelve years.

Availability of hot tub brands dealers

Before you make a hot tub purchase, check that there are dealers available in a close area or nearby city.

The availability of a dealer is useful when your tub develops a fault. Local dealers help you carry out maintenance and more. Plus, they deal with all issues promptly.

Here’s our curated list of the worst hot tub brands to avoid in 2022

  • 1. Life Spas
  • 2. Saratoga Spas
  • 3. Arctic Spas And Spas
  • 4. Hydropool Hot Tubs

Here’s our curated list of Best Hot Tub Brands of 2022

  • 1. Hotspring Spa 
  • 2. Sundance Spas 
  • 3. Cal Spas 
  • 4. Marquis Spas 
  • 5. Master Spas 
  • 6. Caldera 

1. Hotspring Spa 

hot tub brands to avoid

With unmatched massage, industry-leading energy efficiency, and maintenance-free water care, Hotspring will make you feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The machine’s saltwater system removes the hurdle of manually keeping spa water clean, sanitized, and clear, for a full year.

With just a little salt in your spa water, the system generates chlorine by itself so you’ll spend less time measuring and adding chemicals.

By removing the guesswork and hassle of water care maintenance, this unique system makes spa ownership easier than ever.

Check All the HotSpring Spa Products Here

2. Sundance Spas 

hot tub brands to avoid

For those who want the right balance of know-how and craftsmanship, Sundance Spa is the right hot tub. They have something for nearly all needs and budgets even though the cost of a hot tub varies with regions and cities.

Sundance has been in the hot tub game for over four decades, and they have a variety of hot tubs for just about every kind of consumer. They have some of the best customer services around and operate a community-oriented business.

There are four different hot tubs in the Sundance line, the 680 Series, the 880 Series, the 780 Series, and the 980 Series.

Visit Sundance Spas Store

3. Cal Spas 

hot tub brands to avoid

The Cal Spas lifestyle is not only about creating a fun and relaxing place for you to enjoy the company of family and friends – but also about embracing a new lifestyle of health and wellness that hydrotherapy provides.

With this hot tub, the flowing water of your spa will take your frustration and pain away with the confidence of knowing you’ve made a sound investment. Each Cal Spas hot tub incorporates great structural strength and durability.

Cal Spas experience offers comfort time and enjoyment, time and time again whether you’re relaxing in quiet solitude or entertaining friends.

Visit The Official Cal Spa Store

4. Marquis Spas 

best hot tub brands

Marquis hot tubs provide the ultimate hot tub experience. Each spa features powerful performance and advanced hydrotherapy, aside from refined beauty. You are sure to discover a hot tub to benefit your lifestyle whether you want all the unique features imaginable or want to include the specific features you desire! 

Marquis’ hot tub offers great therapy, relaxation, and connection – everything you need in one portable hot tub! It will enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being and bring you years of enjoyment.

If you are an athlete, want to relax, have sore muscles, are seeking escape from the daily grind, or just want to sleep better, you owe yourself the ultimate hot tub experience by Marquis.

Visit The Official Marquis Spas Store

5. Master Spas 

best hot tub brands

Whether you need a relaxing escape from a hectic day, a convenient way to add exercise to your schedule, or relief from chronic pain, Master Spas put your well-being in mind when they created their hot tub.  

At Master Spas, they manufacture all of their hot tubs in the USA using innovative processes and quality materials.

They call their unique method of manufacturing Master Crafted. It’s a process that results in more than high-quality products – it also results in high-tech advancement in insulation, heating systems, filtration, and more.

Visit The Official Master Spas Store

6. Caldera 

best hot tub brands

You immediately feel the world melt away as you reflect, calm your thoughts, relax, and recharge, when you immerse yourself in a Caldera spa.  

So you can relax and experience the wellness benefits of daily hot tub use, the FreshWater Salt System incorporated into Caldera spa is a simple and intuitive approach to water care that significantly reduces the amount of time spent maintaining your spa.

The FreshWater Salt System sanitizes water by using a disposable cartridge to generate chlorine from salt. The cartridge can be replaced in seconds without tools or dealer assistance, and it lasts four months.

With a touch of a button, simply set your desired chlorine level, and the system will automatically generate the appropriate amount of sanitizer. Consequently, the system eliminates the guesswork of manual dosing. 

Visit the Official Caldera Store

Final thoughts

And there you have it. The top six best hot tubs of 2022 make your investment in a hot tub worth it. Remember our criteria are not without sound basis, but based upon the 6 criteria we have found to be great for classifying hot tubs: service agreement, customer feedback, energy-saving technology, warranty, constant faulting, and availability of dealers. We hope our article has helped you in your buying journey, and we wish you good luck!

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Frequently asked questions

Who makes the most reliable hot tubs?

The trophy has no clear winner because they’re many companies out there creating amazing products. Instead, we prefer to talk in terms of the top ten hot tubs. Check the next frequently asked question.

What are the top 10 hot tub brands?

1 Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Spas 
2 Artesian
3 Hot Spring Spas and Hot Tubs 
4 Sundance Spas
5 Bullfrog Spas and Hot Tubs
6 Cal Spas
7 Marquis Spas 
8 Master Spas
9 Caldera
10 PDC Spas 

Are saltwater hot tubs better? 

As people look for more natural ways to improve their health and wellness, saltwater hot tubs are gaining popularity. Saltwater hot tubs offer a gentler, more relaxing spa experience compared to the chemicals found in traditional chlorine systems. Not only that, but they also offer an easier form of maintenance.

Who should not use hot tubs?

Children suffer overheating more frequently than adults. Keep children less than 7 years of age out of hot tubs and spas, especially infants. Their small bodies regulate temperature at a lesser efficient rate and overheat too easily. The other group of people who are susceptible to hot tubs is people with open wounds or cuts. Avoid using a hot tub until your wounds are completely healed over. 

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