essential oils for fever

Essential Oils for Fever – Boost Your Immune System Naturally

essential oils for fever

Having fever and looking for how to treat it naturally? Try the best essential oils for fever and boost your immune system to fight against illness. 

Having a fever can be your worst nightmare. At one beat, you are all well, but the next moment you are hotter than fire with a spinning head and nausea condition. Consuming medicines is ideal, but how about curing the fever naturally? Try essential oils for fever!

The use of essential oils to treat fever and other medical conditions is traditional. Essential oil not only reduces fever; also boosts your immune system and other infection-causing symptoms.

Understand your fever nature

Keep in mind you can’t treat every fever with essential oils. Depending on the fever condition, treat accordingly. If the fever is mild, the use of essential oil is good to go. Yet, if the fever is staying for more than 2-days and increases gradually, consult with a physician immediately. 

Check the potency

Folks often use essential oils without checking their potency. Little did we know, essential oils are highly potent. Never consume essential oils orally. If done, the consequence will be skin allergies. When taking orally, dilute the oils in convent oil first. About the ratio, it depends on the type of essential oil. Do a patch test before consuming.

Check the quality

After the potency check, the next thing you need to check is the quality of the essential oils. Be 100% that the brand you are opting from is reliable. Avoid plastic packaging; prefer glass bottles.

Avoid taking it during pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a state where a woman has to be very careful with every step. Before consuming the essential oils, consult with your doctor. The same rule applies to breastfeeding mothers.

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Best Essential Oils for Fever

Tea Tree Oil

You must have used tea tree oil for tea tree oil in your beauty routine. How about using the essential oils to treat a fever? Studies have shown tea tree oil is proficient to reduce body infections. 

Furthermore, the inflammatory properties of tea tree oil reduce skin allergies, inflammation, and pain. Tea tree oil is idyllic to treat bacterial and fungal infections naturally. 

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Ginger oil

Don’t limit the use of ginger to food and drinks only; there is much more you can do if you think out of the blue. Ginger oil, extracted from the roots, is enriched in nutrients and antibiotic properties. 

The heat caused by fever will fade away after massaging the oil on your temples or the back of your neck. Or, dilute the oil in water and drink 2-3 a day. Even if you are suffering from a dry cough or headache, ginger oil will help cure it. 

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Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon has always been a champ whether used as a whole or as an essential oil. Recent researches shown cinnamon essential oil are even beneficial to treat salmonella – an intestinal tract bacterial disease.

If your fever is due to a bacteria attack, you will see a visible difference after continuous yet proper use. Add drops in a bowl filled with hot water or a purifier to kill germs from the air. 

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Lavender oil

Lavender is been rocking our lives as the best essential oil for fragrance. For sleepless and tiring nights, have lavender oil therapy. Before sleeping, add drops of lavender oil to a humidifier.

Lavender oil helps maintain blood and sugar levels. Also, lavender oil helps reduce nervous system disturbance. Besides fever, you can also use lavender oil for aromatherapy, treating depression and anxiety.

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Peppermint oil

As the name suggests, peppermint oil contains mint extracts. The mint extracts go down the respiratory tract, deliver coolness, and reduce throat irritation, dry cough, and air pipe blockage.

Whenever you have a fever, whether high or mild, massage the peppermint oil on your temples and chest. Amazingly, peppermint oil also cures nausea and vomiting due to fever or bacterial infection.

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Eucalyptus oil

The oil, with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties, and pain-reliving properties, is non-other than eucalyptus essential oil. These properties strengthen your white blood cells to fight against bacterial and viral attacks.

Another best part is, the essential oil cleans your nasal and digestive tract, curing fever instantly. Opt only for eucalyptus oil for runny nose, dry cough, and breathing issues.

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How to Use The Essential Oils for Fever?

Dropping a few drops of essential oils in the water and inhaling the scent is not all enough to treat fever. You need to be very careful as you are using the essential oils for fever.

Talking about how to use the essential oils for fever, there are several ways possible as;

  1. Sponge bath: Bathing has always been beneficial to settle down a mild fever. How about adding some essential oils, enhancing the bathing experience? Fill up the bathtub with water with drops of essential oils. Rest for 15-20 and feel the difference.
  2. Inhaling: This is one of the most traditional ways. Add drops of oil on your handkerchief or pillowcase and inhale for good 10 minutes. It will help calm your mind, reducing the pain.
  3. Induce sweating: You must have heard the myth, the more you sweat, the lower be your fever. Fill a bowl with hot water with oil drops in it. Sit in front of the bowl and cover your face with a towel and enjoy.
  4. Have a massage: For this, you need someone to give you a deep head or shoulder massage. Choose an oil of your choice and enjoy 10-15 of relaxation.

Final Take!

The use of essential oils for fever is considerable but don’t depend on them solely. Understand your illness and consume medicines as well. 

Also, if the fever is not reducing at all, consult with your physician as nothing is more worthy than your life. Whatever method you use to treat the fever, make sure to do it properly.

Lastly, drop down your feedback on what you think about this guide?

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