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DIY Face Yoga: 5 Exercises to Prevent Wrinkles

face yoga exercises

5 Facial Yoga Exercises, A Few Minutes a Day to Contour your Face, Prevent Wrinkles and Give the Skin the Lost Elasticity.

Stress, worries, bad eating habits, excessive exposure to the sun, sooner or later are all factors that we tend to pay to the detriment of our skin.

And also for those who never go out of their way, time passes and the shape of our face changes over the years, especially due to the sagging of the muscles of the face.

Of course, prevention is better than cure but it is never too late to correct the course of events, to have elastic and young skin. The most important thing is to keep the skin of the face firm, just as yoga is very useful for firming the body, it is equally useful for firming the face.

What is Face Yoga?

Anti-age facial yoga is a segment of the ancient Japanese relaxation discipline, invented in the 1970s by Catherine Urwitz.

The aim is to use breathing and light, circular movements of the fingertips to stretch the skin, make wrinkles less visible, activate microcirculation and reduce swelling due to stagnation of liquids, so to help the action of specific creams and relax body and mind.

In fact, these are only 2 minutes a day to be dedicated exclusively to your psychophysical well-being, through the targeted massage of each area of ​​the face, starting from the eyebrows up to the jaw, unlocking all those tensions that make our face more subject to the signs of aging.

A perpetually frowning expression, in fact, tends to cause premature wrinkling. Unlike the simple gymnastics of the muscles of the face, facial yoga is a real anti-age that combines the power of breathing with targeted movements, in order to favor the correct oxygenation of cells and tissues before they yield to gravity.

Before Starting with Facial Yoga

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A preliminary step to take before starting our facial yoga exercises is to stand in front of a mirror and carefully observe your face and the precise points where the much hated wrinkles have appeared, as each of them can be a symptom of an internal problem you can try to soothe with breathing.

For example, horizontal signs on the forehead indicate excessive problems that distress us, vertical signs of overeating, wrinkles between the eyebrows, liver disorders due to excessive anger, bags under the eyes, kidney disorders or furrows above the lips, malfunction of the ovaries.

It is therefore good to start this path by studying yourself carefully and at the same time acting on the wrong habits of life.

Now that you have a complete and aware picture of what your skin wants to communicate to you, try to improve the situation by taking a few minutes of calm every morning.

Choose a quiet location where no one will disturb you, a yoga mat or chair so you can put your spine upright.

At this point, with your hands on your stomach, start your deep breathing, inhaling and exhaling slowly seven times and feeling the air flow into your body and oxygenate all cells.

Abandon your body on the surface where you are lying, stretching your back, neck, limbs and all those parts that during the day we tend to keep in tension, including the jaw and tongue. Now you are ready to proceed with your anti-age facial yoga treatment.

Facial Yoga Step by Step in 5 Easy Exercises

It is possible to proceed from the bottom to the top or vice versa, based on which type of approach relaxes us most. In this case, we will proceed with the first method, following various steps.

Face Yoga: Exercise 1

Warm your hands and face: the first step is to forcefully join hands in front of the sternum, to collect and channel all the necessary energy.

At the same time, start activating the facial muscles, stretching them to the maximum and opening your eyes and mouth for about 10 seconds, alternately .

Like any gymnastics, this one also needs a warm-up, which however must always be accompanied by correct and controlled breathing.

Face Yoga: Exercise 2

Neck and décolleté: place the fist under the chin with moderate force and open the mouth , pulling out the tongue. Alternatively, you can place your hands as in the photo above and pull outwards.

Maintain the exercise for a few seconds and repeat the operation 5 times, always taking great care to inhale and exhale correctly. You must feel your body and every movement of it must be controlled and aware.

Face Yoga: Exercise 3

face yoga exercise

Mouth and cheeks: insert your fingers to the sides of the mouth and pull the lips outwards, then release them with a slow motion. Or do this exercise as demonstrated in the photo above.

Then lift the cheeks up to the cheekbones with circular movements of the fingertips, thus activating the microcirculation of this area so subject to time.

Face Yoga: Exercise 4

Eye contour and drooping eyelids: closing your eyes, place your fingers, one on the upper lid and one on the lower one, and pull outwards, opening your eyes wide and exhaling vigorously at the same time. At this point, breathe in all the air you need and repeat the exercise 5 times .

If your eyelids are too severe, place your fingers on them and press gently to keep them closed as you try to open your eyes wide.

In this way you will be able to gain tone and your eyes will be much younger and more relaxed.

As for the annoying dark circles, for an immediate improvement in circulation, proceed by gently picking them and pulling the outside of the eye 4 times at the same time.

Face Yoga: Exercise 5

Forehead Wrinkled: the marks on this part of the face are among the most visible and unsightly. Proceed by pulling up the eyebrows, as if you were doing a manual lifting and strongly contract the forehead muscle, maintaining proper breathing.

Repeat four times and then proceed with a relaxing exercise, bringing the hands to the center and pulling outwards, until you feel a pleasant sensation of well-being.


Very well, you have successfully completed your daily face yoga routine and you will be truly impressed by the visible results you will experience if you continue this technique over time and include it in your beauty routine.

The benefit will not only be on the skin, but all your stress baggage will be partially abandoned in favor of a newfound serenity.

Other ideas for a beauty routine that works?

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