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Japanese Facial Massage Techniques, the 7 Steps of the Korugi

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Tone facial muscles and give skin elasticity with this Japanese anti-wrinkle face massage. Here are the 7 steps of the Korugi Technique with explanations and pictures!

There are 36 muscles in our face, many of which are used every day and others a little less. As with all other muscles, those of the face also tend to decline with age and require exercises, performed regularly and frequently to remain toned and elastic.

The Korugi massage is a technique invented by the Japanese therapist Chiyo Hayashi that has become famous for its effectiveness.

This Japanese anti-wrinkle face massage focuses not only on the skin but above all on the underlying fat and muscles. As well as the natural loss of muscles, face fat also redistributes over time, accumulating in some areas and not in others.

These factors contribute to how your face looks as you age. In the skin there is not only collagen, the massage dissipates fat and massages the muscles under the skin.

The massage is quite intense and requires strong friction on the face. If you have ENT diseases, lymphatic system disorders, chronic skin conditions, or wounds on the face this is not for you. Otherwise, try to repeat this procedure at least once a week.

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Japanese Facial Massage Techniques, the 7 Steps of the Korugi

First, wash your hands, get a mirror, and good massage oil, This technique requires 7 steps.

1 Cheek Lift

korugi 1

Clench your fists, elbows on the table, pose, or punch your cheekbones with your knuckles pointing back. relax your muscles, the pressure should be firm but it shouldn’t hurt you.

2 Forehead massage

Korigi massage steps

Raise your head and tilt it back a little. Clench your fists and press the knuckles of your middle finger along your forehead at the hairline.

Relax your face without ceasing to apply pressure and slide your knuckles along your temples and earlobes. Continue along the neck to the collarbones

3. Cheek Massage

korugi massage

Put your hands together, thumbs together but straight. Place the tip of the right thumb just under the inner corner of the left eye, next to the nose.

Apply light pressure and slide your thumb to the left towards the ear, when you get to the ear press again and slide towards the collarbone.

Repeat 2 or 3 times and do the same thing on the right side of the face by pressing and sliding with your left thumb

4. Forehead Relaxation

Here, too, you need fists, bring your forearms in front of you, clench your hands into fists and turn your fingers towards you.

Place your knuckles slightly above your eyebrows, press, and slide towards the hairline.

Return your hands to your eyebrows without pressing as you go down and repeat by pressing and swiping up. Continue until your entire forehead is relaxed.

5. Eyebrow Massage

Clench your fists once more and raise your eyebrows. Close your eyes, pull the knuckles of your index and middle fingers out a little and pass them over your eyebrows. start in the middle, going out with the eyebrow between the knuckles. Repeat on both sides.

6. Face Massage

Hold your hands as you were doing in the previous movement, with two fingers sticking out of the fist. Relax your face, especially the jaw line. and do not resist.

Now put the protruding knuckles on the chin, under the corners of the mouth, press and pull the skin of the chin up, towards the temples. Apply some force. Repeat 7-8 times on each side.

7. Final Massage

massage japanese korugi

To relieve the face, keep your hands open and place your fingertips on your forehead, slide smoothly over your temples, neck, and up to your collarbones. Repeat until your face feels relaxed.

Benefits of the Japanese Korugi Wrinkle Massage

Japanese and Korean experts say this facial massage can reshape the bone structure. With age, in fact, the bones move and the merit of the korugi is to return them to their original place.

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