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Coconut Oil for Curly Hair, How to Use It and Its Benefits

Here's everything you need to know to take care of your frizzy hair

Coconut Oil for Curly Hair

Coconut Oil for Curly Hair, What are the benefits and how to use it? Everything you need to know to discipline your frizzy hair.

Your hair is curly with a certain frizzy tendency, unruly, and difficult to manage in any way?

You’ve probably used several products that promised mind-blowing effects and damp-proof hair but never delivered on their promises.

But you certainly haven’t tried coconut oil, which is a real cure-all for curly hair. What are the effects of this all-natural product?

Here’s everything you need to know to take care of your frizzy hair.

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  • What is Coconut Oil for Curly Hair
  • Benefits of Coconut Oil for Curly Hair
  • How to Use Coconut Oil on Hair Curls
  • Coconut Oil As A Smoothing And Anti Frizz Treatment
  • The Opinions Of Those Who Have Already Tried Coconut Oil For Curly Hair

Is Coconut Oil Good for Curly Hair?

Coconut Oil for Curly Hair

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Coconut oil is the result of squeezing this fruit, especially its pulp which is dried in the sun.

The main producing countries are Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Thailand. Despite being considered harmful to human health in its food use, due to the high presence of saturated fatty acids, coconut oil has instead numerous beneficial effects for the hair.

It represents a special beauty care especially for curly hair, which tends to frizz. This oil, in fact, is able to deeply nourish the hair and make it naturally more docile to comb, shiny, and soft.

Curly hair tends to frizz and especially if you use aggressive colors and stressful treatments, it tends to wear out and lose its beauty, especially from the point of view of elasticity.

When applied as recommended and with each wash, coconut oil moisturizes and nourishes the hair, showing its beneficial effects from the very first applications.

Coconut oil, then, is perfect for styling curly hair because it allows you to better discipline it and make it more prone to combing and in any case to a very natural softness.

Benefits of Coconut Oil on Curly Hair

Coconut Oil for Curly Hair

The benefits of coconut oil on curly hair are truly incredible even if, of course, it is a product that adapts to other types of hair.

In general, in fact, this product is excellent if used on all those hair that are dull, dry and worn.

This is due to the presence in its composition not only of saturated fatty acids such as lauric acid, caprinic acid, or caprylic acid but also for the large quantity of vitamins E and K, choline, and mineral salts.

All these substances allow the coconut oil to nourish the hair and eliminate split ends as well as give elasticity to the hair, make the curl uniform, and contain frizz, even on the wettest days.

Coconut oil is also a cure-all for the scalp, regardless of the type of hair, since it has an important antibacterial action and is able to protect the skin from aggression by fungi and bacteria which, if not treated properly, can also lead to hair loss and in general to more serious diseases.

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How To Use Coconut Oil On Curly Hair

is coconut good for curly hair

Using coconut oil is very simple and you can safely use it alone in your home.

Its use is recommended on both dry and wet hair but the results are better on wet hair.

On wet hair, coconut oil will help moisturize and soften frizzy hair, while on dry hair it will allow you to define curls and activate the anti-frizz effect.

If you decide to buy coconut oil in solid form, you must first melt it: the same result can be obtained with the microwave, on the stove, or rubbing it with your hands.

Then the extract must be diluted with a little water and at that point it can be used.

Coconut oil should be massaged all over the hair, starting from the roots and up to the tips, for this reason, it is necessary to calculate the right amount of product to use.

For short hair, the ideal amount of coconut oil is 45 ml while for long hair you will need at least 75 ml to cover the entire length.

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Coconut Oil as a Smoothing and Anti-Frizz Treatment

Coconut Oil On Curly Hair

One of the effects that curly hair brings with it is very often the frizzy one: as soon as the humidity begins to be felt, the hair swells, becomes electric and loses both shine that their softness .

And sadly, all the remedies you’ve tried so far have proved ineffective. Fortunately, however, coconut oil is also an excellent remedy for curly hair and a few drops are enough to immediately notice the difference.

To get rid of frizz, you need to apply four or five drops of coconut oil to dry hair while you’re finishing the styling.

You must do this immediately after washing your hair, when you have almost completely dried it with the hairdryer, applying the oil to the middle of the hair, combing with a wide-toothed comb, and finally completing it usual styling.

You will immediately notice that the hair will take a more defined shape, will lose its typical electricity after drying, and will be shinier and shinier.

Coconut oil, in fact, has the effect of creating a sort of barrier that surrounds the hair and prevents the heat from electrifying it, making it practically impossible to comb.

You can do this every time you wash your hair, without fear of the wet or sticky effect typical of other products: coconut oil is completely natural and is totally absorbed by curly hair.

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The Opinions of Those Who Have Already Tried Coconut Oil for Curly Hair

Coconut Oil for Curly Hair

No one can be a better testimonial for a product than those who have already tried it and have enjoyed it so if you are not fully convinced it is worth searching for some opinions online.

Those who have already used it tell of the many benefits of this product and above all of the very fast effect: from the first application the frizz decreases and with constant use of the product the hair is healthier, shinier, and more defined.

Many say that after a couple of months of continuous use, the hair is stronger, there is less fall and above all the split ends disappear, allowing the hair to grow much more luxuriant and in less time.

What everyone loves about coconut oil is that it doesn’t have a damp effect like gel or foam, it doesn’t grease the hair and it doesn’t dirty it.

In short, coconut oil for curly hair is really a product that will be good for your hair and will allow you to always have the perfect hair, even immediately after washing, without too much effort.

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