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Best Henna Powder for Hair, How to Choose + Our Choice

Best Henna Powder for Hair

How to choose a good quality product to get the best out of your henna experience. Our selection of the Best Henna Powder for hair, easily available.

Henna is the most effective natural alternative to chemical hair dyes. It has been used for centuries not only for its coloring effect but also for the nourishing benefits it boasts on hair and skin.

Here are my tips on how to choose a good quality product to get the best out of your henna experience.

  • Freshly grounded henna (lawsonia inermis leaf powder) looks bright green, while darker color usually indicates that the batch is older or that has been exposed to light, and therefore retains less staining power.
  • Finely sifted henna powder with minimal impurities is more likely to form a smooth paste, that is easier to apply and to rinse out, and that adheres better to hair giving a more satisfying dye result.
  • Rajasthani henna (also called mehndi in India), is known to be the best quality henna out there because it has the highest concentration of lawsone, which is the molecule responsible for henna dyeing properties.
  • Keep in mind that some varieties, like henna from Morocco, give a warmer orange and terra-cotta nuance, while other varieties, especially Yemeni and Pakistani henna, have a cooler burgundy shade.

Check out my list of the best henna brands! I’ve selected only 100% natural products, containing just henna powder or pure herbal blends.

Best Henna Powder for Hair

Best Rajasthani Henna Powder

Best Rajasthani Henna Powder

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Ancient Sunrise Rajasthani Twilight – Henna Powder for Hair

Best Henna Powder for Hair

Ancient Sunrise Rajasthani Twilight henna is probably one of the finest henna powders widely available in the market. It gives hair a deep, natural auburn nuance and guarantees perfect coverage of even resistant gray.

This ethically sourced henna has a high lawsone content and is tested in certified labs to ensure there’s no PPD, contaminants, or pesticide residue. The brand is a synonym for quality and has great customer service. Check out their good-value kits that contain multiple packs of selected herbs to be mixed at home to obtain different shades.

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MB Herbals Henna Powder for Hair

Best Henna Powder for Hair

MB Herbals sources its henna from the Pali District of Marwar Region of Rajasthan. This area, especially the city of Sojat, is said to produce the best henna in the world, with the highest content of lawsone molecule. The triple-sifted powder has a very fine texture that makes it easy to apply and rinse out. It gives hair a rich copper color. The brand sells also 100% pure indigo and other herbs for hair care.

Buy MB Herbals 100% Natural & Pure Henna Powder on Amazon

Mi Nature Henna Powder for Hair

Best Henna Powder for Hair

Mi Nature henna is sustainably sourced and fairly traded from selected cultivators in Rajasthan. A short soak of the henna in hot water will stir the final shade to a brassy tone. For best color results (particularly if you like darker nuances), it’s recommended a long soak of the powder with room temperature water and a dash of lemon juice. If you want to experiment with your natural dyeing mix, there are several 100% pure herbs for hair and skincare sold by Mi Nature.

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Best Non-Indian Henna

Yemeni henna powder for hair

Best Henna Powder for Hair

Yemeni henna is my personal favorite. It boasts one of the coolest tones of red available, highlighting your strands of cherry, wine, and burgundy nuances. Rihla markets good quality Yemeni traditional products at an affordable price. Rihla henna is fresh and bright green, although the texture is not the finest. To make it easier to apply and quicker to rinse out, you can first sift the powder with a fine-mesh sieve.

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Jamila Henna Powder for Hair

Best Henna Powder for Hair

I’ve used Jamila henna for many years since it was the cheapest and most ready-accessible henna brand I could find before Internet shopping made our life easier. I love the dark rouge shade of Pakistani henna, and Jamila always succeeded in covering my premature grays. That said, the product itself is not consistent, and its look changes a lot from batch to batch. It’s still a great value, just check out for the production and expiration dates impressed on the bottom of the carton box or in the back of the bag.

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Best Henna-based Mixed Herbal Dyes

Godrej Nupur Henna

Best Henna Powder for Hair

Godrej Nupur henna is a very popular brand of Mehndi in India. In this blend, henna is mixed with other nine herbs that are known in Ayurvedic medicine for helping hair health. Nupur Rajasthani sourced henna boasts an unmatched burgundy shade, while amla, aloe, neem, and the other all-herbal ingredients ensure a wholesome conditioning effect to your strands.

Buy Godrej Nupur Henna Mehndi Herbs on Amazon

Henna Guys

Best Henna Powder for Hair

The Henna Guys is one of the few brands that offer a wide range of herbal dyes with no chemical shortcuts and no contaminant agents. You can choose among twelve different blends of herbs that are accurately selected to give specific shades. Instructions are included for first-time users.

Buy Henna Guys Henna Hair & Beard Dye on Amazon

Discovery Naturals – Henna Powder for Hair

Best Henna Powder for Hair

Discovery Naturals is a recent rebrand of previous Henna King and Henna Maiden labels. What’s on offer is an impressive range of thirteen different blends of 100% pure dyeing herbs that are already mixed to achieve the perfect shade you are looking for. Even if Discovery Naturals promises to color your hair in only 30 minutes, I would recommend this brand to people who have already some experience with henna-based dyes to avoid disappointments.

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Best Organic Henna Powder for Hair

Just Jaivik Organic Henna Powder for Hair

Best Henna Powder for Hair

If you want to go safe, Just Jaivik henna powder is certified by OneCert Asia for USDA Organic Standard. It has a good quality texture and gives a rich auburn shade to hair.

Buy Just Jaivik 100% Organic USDA Certified Henna Powder on Amazon

H&C Organic Henna Powder for Hair

Best Henna Powder for Hair

H&C produces this finely sifted powder from organically cultivated henna with an excellent coloring power. H&C Herbal Ingredients Expert specializes in organic herbs for a mindful, healthier beauty regimen.

Buy H&C 100% Natural and Pure Henna Powder on Amazon

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