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Homemade Hair Mask: Our 5 Recipes for Dry, Oily and Damaged Hair

Homemade Hair Mask, Our Simple Recipes for Dry Hair, Oily Hair and Brittle and Damaged Hair.

DIY hair mask, why is it important? Hair care is essential, a good look is also defined by clean and tidy hair.

Hair must be treated constantly as it is always in contact with external agents such as smog, rain, smoke and other harmful substances present in the air.

Taking care of your hair every day means eating healthy, choosing the right products and moisturizing your hair properly.

Hair is in fact mainly composed of minerals and vitamins, therefore it is essential to introduce beneficial foods rich in excellent properties.

Equally important is hydration, very common problems are dryness and split ends, closely linked to the supply of liquids in our body.

A very important function is certainly performed by the products of our haircare routine, the daily hair care.

Many of the products you buy, in fact, have chemical ingredients or highly treated substances, therefore harmful to the scalp. Before purchasing any hair care item, it is essential to inquire about the ingredients.

A solution to this problem could be to make homemade hair masks, specially designed to moisturize and care for the hair, depending on the type of hair.

DIY Hair Mask

DIY Hair Mask

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Homemade hair masks are an increasingly common solution, it is in fact an economical and functional product. It is made with natural ingredients, chosen according to your needs, it is valid and effective.

It is possible to design multiple masks according to the type of hair, which allow you to restore and revitalize the hair.

There are masks for dry hair, greasy, brittle and damaged hair. The preparation of a homemade mask consists in the use of ingredients such as: olive oil, fruit, yogurt, vegetables, eggs and honey.

It is a real beauty treatment capable of providing minerals and vitamins to the scalp, making it strong and shiny.

DIY Hair Mask for Dry Hair. Our 3 Recipes

Recipe #1: Banana, Sweet Almond Oil and Olive Oil

DIY Hair Mask for dry hair

Dry hair is dehydrated, brittle and arid, it needs effective treatments to acquire shine and the right nutrients. A fundamental aspect, in fact, is the use of delicate products and not to wash the hair too frequently.

What is needed
Small ripe banana pulp
1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil
2 tablespoons of olive oil

Our first DIY mask, suitable for the care of dry hair, involves the use of small banana pulp , 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Banana is a strategic choice, as this fruit has a strong vitaminizing action.

Mix the ingredients well and obtain a compact and homogeneous mixture, apply the preparation on the scalp with a comb or a brush.

After having covered all the hair well, leave the product on for about 15 minutes. After the necessary time, you can proceed with your haircare routine.

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Recipe #2: Water, Birch Leaf Powder and Honey

DIY Hair Mask for dry hair
What is needed
Birch leaf powder

Another very effective hair mask for dry hair is water, birch leaf powder and honey .

It is necessary to make the preparation uniform by mixing it and adding water to get it to the right consistency.

Honey has excellent moisturizing properties and gives shine to the hair, while birch leaf powder has excellent astringent properties.

It is essential to leave the preparation on for about 15 minutes and then proceed washing the hair.

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Recipe #3: Egg, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice and Yogurt

DIY Hair Mask for dry hair
What is needed
Olive oil
Lemon juice

Equally valid as a mask for dry hair, is the one made with egg, olive oil, lemon juice and yogurt.

This is a DIY mask with multiple beneficial properties; lemon is an excellent astringent and gives shine, olive oil is useful in giving softness and egg, on the other hand, was already used by the ancients to moisturize the scalp.

DIY Hair Mask for Oily Hair

Recipe #4: Clay, essential oils and rose water

DIY Hair Mask for Oily Hair

Oily hair is very difficult to treat. The hair always appears greasy and messy, due to overproduction of oils and sebum.

It is essential to follow a well-defined haircare routine, in order to hydrate and eliminate the greasiness from the scalp. To do this, it is essential to choose the right products, created with delicate and natural ingredients.

What is needed
Green clay
A few drops of Essential Oil
Rose water

A very good DIY mask for oily hair is the one that involves the use of clay, essential oils and rose water.

It is a particularly functional and moisturizing product; clay is excellent for purifying and absorbing excess oils and sebum, rose water is good for moisturizing and essential oils give shine and a pleasant scent.

This recipe is scientifically studied and it is one of the most efficient. At the end of the procedure, wash your hair with warm water.

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DIY Hair Strengthening Masks

Recipe #5: Egg white, yogurt and lemon juice

DIY Hair Strengthening Masks

Brittle hair must necessarily be treated with natural and non-aggressive ingredients, so as not to worsen the situation by promoting hair loss or split ends.

What is needed
Egg whites
Lemon juice

An example of a DIY hair mask designed for the care of fragile hair involves the use of an egg white, yogurt and lemon juice. The latter has excellent astringent properties and gives shine, and at the same time yogurt and egg white also give the hair softness and clarity.

These are completely natural and effective ingredients, they must be properly mixed and adapted to the hair, so that you can keep it in place for about 15 minutes.

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