40th birthday gift ideas

40th Birthday Gifts Ideas for Your Wife To Make Her Happy

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Wife

Is it your wife 40th birthday? Don’t you think she deserves something special this time? Read this article and find the best available 40th birthday gift ideas for your wife.

It is perplexing to know all about your family members or your friends. But if it is the matter of your wife who has spent days and nights of her precious forty years for you, then to know her is her lovely right. 

You may always shower her with love goodies, but with these best 40th birthday gift ideas for your wife, you will find yourself able to make her 40th birthday a memorable big day of her life.

It’s the 40th birthday of your wife. Go through the guide and make this day an extra special of her life by following the best 40th birthday gift ideas for your wife.

Things to Check On When Finding the Best 40th Birthday Gifts ideas for wife


You are buying the gift for your beloved wife for her 40th birthday; this age is quite strong but sensitive. You should keep in mind the type of present. If it is any beauty product, make sure it is suitable for her. Or, if it is a jewel, ensure the material is skin-friendly.


The gift color is a matter of priority when choosing a 40th birthday gift for your wife. Bright colors look good and are refreshing to the eyes and the mood. But the color selection is depended on your wife’s likeness.


Make sure of the uprising of your standards. Keep them high. Gift something long-lasting as your beloved wife remains with you with all ups and downs.

Keep familiar with her choice

Everyone has their taste or choice. We may praise the best available selection for you. Whether it is best for your wife or not. You are the one who may decide this. Instead of running after looks or price, buy something that connects both hearts.


You find a huge variety when you come to buy gifts; which go from low to high in their price range. It is up to you to pay for a worthy yet economical present.

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Best 40th birthday gift ideas for wife

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Following are the best available choices for the 40th birthday gift ideas for a wife who has special value for you.

Engraved Bracelet for 40th Birthday

It is a surprising gift for your wife as she is completing the 40th year of her healthy life. It is engraved with Live Laugh Love, which makes it perfect as a 40th birthday present for your beautiful wife.

The material of the bracelet is 316l stainless steel which is heavily resistant to getting rust or any color change. It is eco-friendly as it is lead and nickel free which adds extra value to the bracelet.

The size of this 40th birthday gift for wife charm bracelet is 256 inches inner diameter. The charm disc size is 1×1-inches, and one sliding side is available for size adjustment.


  • Non –Allergic at all
  • Sturdy
  • Durable to daily use


  • Available in just round shape

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40 Beads Bracelet For Her 40th Years

This bracelet is a must-have to the jewelry collection of 40 years women. It is one of the best available 40th birthday gift ideas for your wife to make her the extra-special woman of your life.

It consists of forty beads immersed in 14K rose gold representing each astounding year of her beautiful life. The cord is adjustable to 7-8 inches to fit most wrist sizes with ease and comfort.


  • Having adjustable toggle
  • Its nickel free
  • Non-allergic to sensitive skin


  • It is Delicate 

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Sterling Silver Necklace Of Four Rings

This gift is full of meaning to her. It will help her celebrate her big 40 with this beautiful yet, elegant fun gift. Each ring in the necklace is for each decade of her amazing life.

When she wears this lovely gift, she will remind your admiration to her. These facts make it one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for the wife of the handsome man.

The four rings of the necklace are of 925 sterling silver. The chain is dainty but strong. It comes with packaging which keeps the silver safe from tarnishing. The length of the necklace is 19 inches, which is perfectly fit for your wife.


  • Its chain is nickel-free
  • Strong
  • Having gift box with a premium look


  • Not adjustable chain

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Liliwair Customized Coffee Mug 

This customized 40th birthday gift for the wife will make her burst into happy tears. The printing on this coffee mug is completely USA-based. 

Hilarious and fun-loving quotations on this mug make your 40 years old wife happy. You may fill this gift with candies, chocolates, or other stuff she likes.

This mug weighs 0.88 pounds, and the capacity to fill up the liquid is up to 10 Oz.


  • Sublimation is of premium quality
  • Vibrant in colors
  • Lead-free designs of imprints


  • Handled with care

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Lapis Lazuli Fabulous Forty Beads Bracelet

This bracelet is based on the idea of forty. It has forty lapis lazuli beads which mean precious forty years of life and one small heart symbolizes the love and admiration you have for your wife in these forty years and upcoming ones. 

This specialty makes it one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for wife in all selections. The lapis lazuli beads are attracted to wisdom, power, and loyalty. The length is 7-inches, but it is stretchable to fit in the wrist of your lovely wife.


  • Completely non-allergic
  • Comes with a gift pack and card
  • Long-lasting material


  • Not having an adjustable toggle

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Sum Up

We prepared the best list for the 40th birthday gift ideas for your wife with the full zest and enthusiasm. We hope you will find your best selection as a gift for your wife and make her 40th birthday a perfect day full of happy memories.

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