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The 5 Best Outdoor Saunas – How to Create the Perfect Spa in Your Garden

Best Outdoor Saunas

You don’t need a luxurious mansion to have a Sauna. Here 5 Best Outdoor Saunas for sale, to create the perfect Spa in your backyard. Traditional & Infrared.

A Sauna or Sudatory is a wood-lined room or building that is designed to make you sweat. The goal of a Sauna is to maintain a very high temperature inside the room to induce perspiration because it has multiple health and cosmetic benefits.

A 40-60-minute session in a Sauna will leave you stress-free and glowing. Cosmeticians, nutritionists, and pain management experts around the world swear by saunas. They claim that sauna sessions can relieve joint and muscle pain, detoxify your skin, increase blood circulation to enhance the body’s natural healing ability, open pores for clearer skin, and leech out the toxins from your blood among other benefits.

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga all cite Sauna as their go-to remedy for detox, weight loss, and skin rejuvenation. It is reported that Jennifer Aniston loves the Sauna so much she has one installed inside her LA home.

For those of us who don’t have luxurious mansions but still want to enjoy the privacy and affordability of a personal Sauna, a private outdoor sauna is more suitable. You can now install private saunas in your homes at an affordable price.

This article is your complete guide to purchasing the best outdoor saunas for your home in 2022. Here, we discuss the benefits of traditional vs. infrared saunas, the types of saunas that are available, and the extra-value features you must look out for.

The 5 Best Outdoor Saunas

1. Almost Heaven Audra 4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna

best outdoor sauna

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Traditional with an electric heater


Assembled Size: 72″W x 72″L x 77″H
Interior Size: 71″W x 51″L x 71″H

Number of People


Lay Out


Additional features

.4.5kw stainless steel Finnish-style heater
.Available in rustic cedar, clear cedar, & white fir
.Vista Windows Backlit therapeutic salt wall
.Crib side delivery

The Almost Heaven Audra Barrel Outdoor Sauna is a spacious 4-person sauna. We love the look of this beautiful barrel-shaped room; we are positive that it will increase the aesthetic appeal of your front yard or backyard. The barrel shape is so cute that it will not look out of place in any surroundings.

The craftsmanship of the Audra Sauna is noteworthy; the walls, handles, hinges, cradles, and other accessories are made expertly. The sauna has a minimalistic and rustic look that immediately gives you a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Along with the aesthetic appeal, we love that the 4.5kw even-heating stainless steel heater is affixed in the sauna. This powerful heater heats up the room to 190 – 195 F in under an hour. The even heating system ensures that heat is distributed evenly throughout the room for maximum satisfaction.

Another amazing feature is that you can choose to change your back wall into a vista window or salt wall. The vista window allows you to view your surroundings as you enjoy your sauna; it allows natural light to enter the room and creates a more spacious feeling. On the other hand, a Himalayan salt wall backlit with LEDs provides therapeutic benefits.

Finally, Almost Heaven is an American outdoor sauna brand. They have excellent customer service that you can avail in case of a defective or broken product, delivery issues, warranty claims, and returns. You can reach out to the company for any problems you may face.

Beautiful Design
Fits 4 people
Even-heating Options to customize Sauna
Accessible Customer service Easily assembled
Benches have no element of comfort
No adjustable roof vents

Check Availability and Latest Price

2. Monaco – 6 Person Near Zero EMF FAR Infrared Sauna

Type Far Infrared Sauna
Dimensions Assembled Size: 73″ x 61″ x 79″
Interior Size: 68″ x 57″ x 72″
Number of People
Lay OutPre-Built
Additional features M/CD radio with MP3 auxiliary connection, built-in speakers, LCD Monitor & DVD Player.

Interior reading/chromotherapy lighting system Interior and exterior LED control panel 2 dedicated 20-amp 120-volt outlets.

Tempered glass door Adjustable roof vents

The Monaco FAR Infrared Sauna is one of the most impressive 6 person Saunas of 2022. What impresses us the most is the utilitarian yet aesthetically pleasing interior of the Sauna. The seating arrangements are on multiple levels; the first level is elevated, much like a bunk bed, while the second level is at the ground level. This allows the sauna to seat 6 people comfortably without taking too much space.

The entire room is constructed from natural hemlock, which gives it a beautiful rustic look. The exterior, as well as the interior of the Sauna, is well crafted and looks amazing in any décor. The Sauna is easy to assemble; most of the items are pre-built, so you can set up the entire thing within minutes. However, you may need to hire a professional electrician to fix the electric outputs.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Sauna is its 15 Carbon Near Zero EMF Heat Emitters. They are quick to elevate your core temperature and keep you perspiring to enjoy the benefits of a Sauna.

Additionally, the light-changing LED panel in the sauna allows you to enjoy light therapy benefits as well. You can change the light to whichever color you prefer easily. The sauna has a complete entertainment setup inside; you can listen to music, watch videos, and use electrical outlets to charge your devices.

In our opinion, the Monaco is an excellent Sauna at an affordable price. (6,000USD)

Near Zero EMF infrared heat emitting panels
Well-designed to comfortably accommodate 6 people without taking too much space
Supports music and video
Built-in LED lightning
Built-in electricity connection
Adjustable roof vent
Good value for money
We didn’t find any!

Check Availability and Latest Offers

3. Cayenne 4-Person Outdoor Sauna

TypeInfrared with 8 ceramic heaters
Dimensions Assembled Size: 72″ x 52″ x 83″
Number of People 4
Lay Out Pre-Built, easy to assemble
Additional features.Built-in LCD control panel 4
.Movable ergonomic backrests
.Recessed exterior lighting FM radio w/CD player & MP3 .Oxygen Ionizer Reading Lamp
.Cup Holders
.7-year warranty

The Cayenne 4-person infrared outdoor sauna is a confident choice for several reasons. Firstly, it has an attractive Canadian hemlock cabin design. The exterior and the interior is made entirely from this durable and resilient wood. Secondly, the cabin sauna is easy to assemble; it has a tongue and groove construction style that is easy to follow and can be assembled in under an hour.

Another impressive feature is the spacious interior of the Sauna; it can seat four people comfortably. You can enjoy the sauna with your significant other, friends, or family. The Sauna seats come with adjustable ergonomic backrests, which are very much appreciated.

The 8 ceramic infrared heating panels are the highlight of this sauna; efficient and rapid; these heating panels have you warmed up within 10 minutes! They are energy efficient and have nearly zero EMF.

The Sauna is equipped with MP3 outputs, FM Radio, and CD Player so that you can enjoy music or a good podcast while you detoxify. We also loved the big glass door and adjoining glass windows of the sauna; they give you a nice view of the outside world, decreasing the chances of feeling trapped or Claustrophobic.

On the downside, the cupholders, hinges, and screws are of low quality. Moreover, there is no exterior lighting. However, a 7-year structural warranty would take care of any defects that arise later on. 2500USD

Attractive & resilient sauna
8 ceramic heaters support rapid heating
Spacious Comfortable & adjustable seating
Supports music
Large glass door for a view
Low-quality cupholders, hinges & screws
No exterior light

Check Availability and Latest Offers on Amazon

4. Finlandia Outdoor Sauna 4′ x 4′ with Roof Kit

Type Traditional
Dimensions Assembled Size: 48″ x 48″
Number of People2
Lay OutPre-Built, easy to assemble
Additional features.Pre-built/insulated wall and ceiling panels
.Wide clear glass door
.Built-in LED lights
.Roof vents
.CD/DVD player
.Thermostat Headrests Bathing Sign

The Finlandia Outdoor Sauna is a perfect addition to any backyard; its western Red Cedar Cabin construction looks amazing. The interior of the sauna room is also constructed from Cedar; the bench is well-crafted and is accompanied by headrests for the upper benches.

We love the wide glass door of the Cabin; it provides a beautiful view of the outside world and keeps you from feeling locked in. The Finlandia cabin sauna is pre-built; you just have to slot the panels together to form the cabin. Interestingly, it has an unassembled shingle roof kit. You will have to purchase the waterproof pad separately.

The Sauna has a JM Heater that heats up stones and lets you enjoy steam as well. A thermostat inside the cabin lets you adjust the temperature easily. Additional features include backlights, music appendages, headrests, and adjustable roof vents.

Pre-built and easy to assemble
Adjustable headrests
Wide glass door
Includes bucket and dipper for water
Spacious interior
Attractive design
You have to buy waterproof pad separately
The room is not assembled

Check Availability and Latest Price

5. Western Pacific 3 to 4 Person Outdoor Sauna

Type FAR infrared with ceramic heating panels
DimensionsAssembled Size: 59.1 x 59.1 x 84.5 inches
Number of People 3 – 4
Lay Out Pre-Built, easy to assemble
Additional featuresWeather-Sealed Tempered Glass Door and 2 Glass Windows 4 LED Reading Lights 4 Chromatherapy LED lights Ionizer Digital Control Panel

The Western Pacific Outdoor Sauna is undoubtedly one of the most well-designed saunas of 2022. The Cabin room with the shingled roof looks aesthetically pleasing and unique. The glass door and the windows add to the beauty and cabin-like design of the sauna. One look at it, and you will feel as though you are visiting a spa retreat.

The interior of the sauna is equally impressive; ceramic infrared heating panels have been installed inside to support rapid heating. You will become hot enough in just ten minutes, making the experience more enjoyable.

The sauna is spacious; it is well-lit, you can change lights, you can switch on music, and enjoy the view from outside. The sauna is a complete experience that’s designed to put you at ease and let you enjoy the benefits of a sauna completely.

Pleasing design
Easy to assemble
Spacious Rapid heating
Requires some assembly

Check Availability and Latest Price on Amazon

What to Look for When Purchasing an Outdoor Sauna?

1. Traditional Vs. Infrared Saunas

Traditional or Finnish Saunas heat up the air of the Sauna to increase the temperature and make your body sweat. Traditionally, Saunas use electric, wood-burning, or charcoal-burning heaters to warm the air inside the Sauna. The electric heaters elevated the temperature of the room to warm your body from outside in.

On the other hand, Infrared saunas use infrared rays to heat your body from the inside. The infrared rays penetrate your skin to elevate your body temperature from within. The infrared rays heat the body at a cellular level to increase your core temperature.

The science behind infrared Saunas states that they are beneficial than traditional saunas because the rays penetrate deeper into the skin and pull off 20% more toxins than traditional heat waves.

2. Size Matters!

Size is essential when it comes to choosing Saunas. Consider the size of your garage, shed, or room in which you wish to accommodate your Sauna. Measure the area carefully; it will help you narrow down your selection.

3. Number of People

Do you need a Sauna for yourself, or do you wish to purchase a sauna big enough for 2, 4, or people? The number of people will affect the design, size, and specifications of the sauna. Knowing what you want will help you choose the right Sauna!

4. A Pre-Built or Pre-Cut Sauna?

Outdoor Saunas come in two layouts; pre-built and pre-cut. Pre-Built Saunas, as the name implies, are pre-assembled saunas that are portable and easy to set up.

On the other hand, Pre-cut saunas are labor-intensive and fixed to one location.

Do you want a portable sauna that can be moved as required? Or do you want to convert the shed in your backyard into a permanent Sauna for the family? Knowing your choice will help you make a more satisfactory selection.

5. Value-Adding Features

Other factors you should consider when purchasing an outdoor sauna are:

  • Type of Wood finish – Hemlock, Cedar, Spruce?
  • LED Lighting – Built-in color changing lights can give you additional benefits. Different color lights have different benefits, for example, blue light combats acne, whereas yellow light reduces redness and so on.
  • MP3 and charging outputs –so you can enjoy music while you sweat.
  • Adjustable vents – You may require adjustable roof vents to let in fresh air if needed.
  • Timer – A handy tool to let you know how long you have been enjoying the sauna.

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