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10 Foods that Help Headaches Go Away + Which Foods to Avoid

foods that help headaches go away

Headache is the most common ailment in the world and often strikes after meals. Here are 10 foods that help Headaches Go Away + Which Foods to Avoid

Headache is an annoying and quite common ailment. At the root of the problem, there is undoubtedly a genetic predisposition but migraines can also be triggered by other factors such as stress, fasting, climate, altered sleep, or hormonal imbalances.

What many people do not know is that there are some foods that can aggravate the problem, just as there are others that can help relieve the discomfort. Before resorting to an analgesic, therefore, you can try to find a natural solution by selecting certain foods that allow you to reduce pain or even prevent it.

People who suffer from headaches, whether it is headaches or migraine, can try to improve their condition with some foods that we will see in detail in this article.

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10 Foods that Help Headaches Go Away

1. Potatoes

Foods that help headaches go away

Headaches can be caused by potassium deficiencies. Potatoes are a common and very versatile vegetable, rich in this element. You should prefer cooking and eating with the peel, perhaps preparing potatoes in the oven or in foil. A single whole potato cooked contains over 700 mg of potassium.

2. Sesame seeds for Headache

Foods that help headaches go away

These little seeds are great allies to prevent headaches from developing. They can be used to enrich salads and soups or they can be used to prepare delicious muesli to be eaten in milk or yogurt.

Sesame seeds are rich in vitamin E, a component particularly useful for stabilizing estrogen levels during the different phases of the menstrual cycle, avoiding the annoying pains that often strike in those days, including headaches. In addition, vitamin E helps improve blood circulation and this can be absolutely helpful in preventing migraines from coming.

3. Flax seed for Headache

foods for headche

Flax seeds are one of those foods full of positive and beneficial aspects for the body. The merit is mainly linked to the “good” Omega 3 fats, of which these small seeds are very rich. The “good” fats fight migraines thanks to their anti-inflammatory effect.

They can be easily consumed in salads, soups, yogurt, preferably after they have been chopped so that the body can easily assimilate them.

4. Watermellon

Foods that help headaches go away

This water-rich summer fruit helps fight dehydration, one of the most common causes of headaches. The advice, therefore, in addition to drinking at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day, is to try to consume a good amount of fruit and vegetables in order to keep the body perfectly hydrated.

Watermelon is a great help, as it is rich in water (much more than other fruit or vegetables) and magnesium, a very useful mineral for fighting headaches. Magnesium, in fact, helps to relax the tension that often affects the blood vessels causing headaches.

5. Chili

foods for headache

Chilli is considered one of the most useful allies against headaches. In addition to preventing it, in fact, it also helps to relieve any pain. The positive effects of this food are linked to capsaicin, a substance present in large quantities in chili.

Capsaicin is a powerful anti-inflammatory and natural pain reliever, so much so that the pepper is also recommended for those suffering from other pains such as headaches or toothaches.

5. Ginger

Foods that help headaches go away

Ginger is known for its decongestant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Like chili, this spice contains capsaicin and other substances useful for relieving pain and soothing inflammations. It can be used to season and flavor dishes, prepare hot herbal teas, or be taken raw or marinated.

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6. Almonds for Headache

almonds for headache

These nuts are particularly rich in magnesium. Consume them regularly as a snack or for breakfast, perhaps enriching your diet with other foods such as brown rice or avocado (also particularly rich in magnesium) helps supplement this substance that we know is very useful against headaches, especially in the prevention phase.

7. Corn

Foods that help headaches go away

This cereal helps fight headaches thanks to its high content of vitamin B3, an element that promotes the proper functioning of blood vessels, while at the same time playing a role in relaxing the nervous system.

A Vitamin B3 deficiency can cause frequent headaches, especially if combined with stress. In addition to corn, this vitamin is also particularly present in potatoes, legumes, and tomatoes.

8. Banana for migranes

Foods that help headaches go away

Banana is a fruit very rich in potassium which, we have seen, helps a lot in preventing the onset of headaches.

In addition to this, bananas contain vitamin B6, a substance that increases the level of serotonin, the hormone that fights negative moods such as depression and anxiety. This can help combat mental fatigue, relieve pain, and prevent headaches from occurring.

9. Spinach

Foods that help headaches go away

Spinach is one of the most effective anti-headache foods. This green leafy vegetable helps keep blood pressure in check, helping relieve headaches.

For this remedy to work also in the prevention phase, it is necessary to consume fresh spinach leaves, perhaps using them to prepare a salad together with other useful elements against headaches or migraines such as flax seeds, ginger, or almonds.

Foods against Headaches, What Foods to Avoid?

Foods that help headaches go away

For those who frequently suffer from headaches, it is not enough to know the “positive” foods that help alleviate the problem. To live better, in fact, it is equally important to know which foods and substances have the opposite effect, thus exposing the subject to greater risks of even very painful headaches.

Fruits and vegetables, in essence, are all very useful for fighting headaches, even if only for the fact that they are rich in water, vitamins, and various mineral salts. However, there are vegetables and fruits that would be best avoided if you usually suffer from headaches. These include, for example, olives, onions, sauerkraut, and broccoli. Obviously, these foods should not be banned from the diet but it is perhaps advisable to consume them moderately.

Coffee, tea, chocolate, and exciting substances must be limited and, in some cases, eliminated especially if you have a particular predisposition to certain types of headaches.

Packaged, refined foods, alcohol, red meat, milk, dairy products, and substances containing glutamate should be avoided regardless, perhaps preferring more natural or plant-based alternatives, it is essential to reduce consumption to a minimum if you suffer from headaches.

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