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DIY: How to Make a Coffee Face Mask, Recipe & Benefits

 Coffee Face Mask

The uses of coffee on a cosmetic level are many, as many as its benefits. Try our recipe for a homemade coffee face mask.

There was a time when coffee, in addition to being drunk, was used to act as an intermediary for reading the future through the bottom of the cup.

Today the uses of this drink and its components, such as coffee grounds, have multiplied, especially on a cosmetic level, given the beneficial properties that coffee has been discovered to have.

The Beneficial Properties of Coffee

World Coffee Day is celebrated on October 1st of every year since 2019, and not only because it is one of the most loved and most popular drinks in the world.

It has been discovered, through laboratory studies, that the properties of coffee can be used to obtain benefits for cosmetics, for the beauty of hair, skin, and face.

A single application is certainly not enough to see the benefits with immediate effect, but if we consistently take care of our face we will give it a radiant appearance.

Hair treatments such as conditioner, based on coffee, allow the hair to be shinier, thanks to the lower presence of pH than water, which flattens the cuticles.

For the skin there can be different uses, both by applying the funds for a scrub effect on the skin, which smoothes it and makes it uniform and with compresses, to aim at the effect of making the skin firmer.

In fact, coffee, thanks to its antioxidants, phenols, helps the skin to fight free radicals. Some face creams, then, choose coffee trusting in the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, especially for those creams to eliminate acne and skin redness.

There are some well-known cosmetic companies, which have wanted coffee as a base for the creation of creams to reduce puffiness under the eyes, to eliminate dark circles.

Coffee has certainly been proven to be good for the mood, and even more so knowing that it can make women even more beautiful with its properties.

It is important to understand, however, that in the world of DIY cosmetics, of the one you prepare at home, there are many recipes, and they cannot be suitable for all skin types.

Knowing the characteristics of your skin is the first step in choosing the most suitable mask for us.

The most suitable mask for your face

DIY: How to Make a Coffee Face Mask

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The choice of face creams is always quite complex, because the type of our skin changes from woman to woman, and can even change over the course of life.

Think already of the difference between the skin of a child, so velvety, and the skin of an adult, up to that of an elderly person.

Dry skin, for one thing, with a coffee mask, is not suitable, if it does not contain ingredients that hydrate it immediately, already in the mixture, otherwise, it would risk getting irritated.

Skin reddened by the sun has different needs than the skin of a face with a combination of skin, where there are drier parts and more oily skin.

So, when you decide what kind of beauty treatment you want to offer your skin, exfoliating, moisturizing, etc., you choose the most suitable cream.

The same goes for the choice of the face mask. You will decide on what to aim for, how you want to appear, based on your skin, and from that to make the choice of the most suitable mask for your face.

In this, coffee helps us a lot because its properties allow a wide choice on which property to prefer, and on its application.

The figure of the dermatologist is important, yes, in choosing the right mask, but for a homemade mask, with two or three ingredients, you can also do without it.

The actions that a few natural ingredients can do are only beneficial to pamper the face that we expose every day to bad weather and really stressful facial expressions for the skin. A coffee mask seems to be just the right cuddle.

DIY: Recipe for a Homemade Coffee Mask

DIY: How to Make a Coffee Face Mask

With advanced technology, web-based recipes for homemade beauty treatments go crazy. Anyone who improvises and creates special combinations, convinced of the benefits.

Often it is the brands that produce coffee themselves that propose recipes, and among these, we go to recommend one, which claims to be moisturizing and regenerating.

The ingredients are natural and can be easily found at home. The proposed coffee mask recipe is based on:

  • coffee grounds
  • honey
  • olive oil, in the quantity of one tablespoon for each product.

They should be mixed in a bowl until you have a homogeneous mixture. It should not be too liquid, otherwise, it will be difficult to apply, as it will tend not to remain compact.

At this point, it should be applied on the face and neck, with circulatory movements. To give a lifting effect to this treatment, it would be better to carry out the half-sphere movements, that is to limit yourself to making the hands go from the bottom upwards.

The skin, if we bring it down with the movements, then tends to stay there, while pulling it upwards, we will get the opposite effect.

The coffee grounds, with these maneuvers on the face, will have a scrub, exfoliating effect from the first application.

The time in which the mask must remain on the face is about 10 or 15 minutes, at the end of which you can rinse with warm water if you want by removing the dough with a damp cloth.

The presence of honey among the ingredients may be difficult to remove with just water and hands, the cloth is more effective. Then pat the face to close the pores.

The skin will be smooth and soft, thanks to the moisturizing effect of the oil and the nourishing effect of honey.

It is not necessary to put a moisturizer afterward to recover the exfoliating effect, because already the honey and the oil have hydrated it enough.

It is recommended to apply this mask once a week, to help the skin assimilate its benefits and be moisturized regularly, for a truly wonderful daily effect.

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